Excitement or Urgency

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Youth Ministry
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Here’s one thing I am struggling with in our youth ministry…creating a sense of excitement and urgency. Well, I guess that two things.

Excitement. I find it very difficult to get students excited about anything.  I think it hits hard when, for years our missions trip have been the thing the students look forward to the most, I can’t find a group of students excited about the trip. I find about 2 students willing to go. Normally we fill our team with about 20.  And on top of that, finding adults willing to take a week to minister alongside those students and to them is like pulling teeth.  It seems overall, teens these days want to sit around and just hang out with nothing planned. They want to be spontaneous. Maybe youth ministry needs to be like that. But, what would that look like? How would parents respond? How would the church leaders respond?  Anybody with thoughts?

Urgency. How do we as youth pastors convey the urgancy for Jesus? Teenagers think they will live forever and don’t need to live by a set of standard and/or morals. How do we convey that Jesus is needed NOW?! One thing I am going to try is to do a study on Jesus on our weeknight program starting in April. I want to engourage the students to read the book, “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. I hope to be able to report back some success stories on students seeing the urgencey of Jesus.  Do you have any thoughts or comments on urgency as I have laid out?


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