A Look Back

Posted: March 9, 2009 in Development, Youth Ministry
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My Sr. Pastor has developed this program to help individuals to create a ‘rule of life’. Basically, learning and experiencing the spiritual disciplines. I have decided to be a part of this cohort (this is what he calls it because you go through it with an accountability partner). I am taking this for 2 reasons.

1) As a pastor to youth, I need to be spiritual healthy. This is VITAL to created disciples of Jesus with teenagers. If you aren’t growing in Christ, you can’t take anyone with you to him. It’s that simple. I need to be growing closer to my Lord and Saviour. I, like a lot of people, struggled with that.

2) I like the concept and want to develop something like it for my youth program.

This past month I have really enjoyed! It’s called ‘Rear-view Mirror’. It where at the end of the day you sit down and reflect on that day to see where you saw God. What a refreshing excersice. I would sit down every night and list out my days activities to recall where I saw God. It was encouraging to see Him in the little things in life like conversations, a look in a students eyes as they ponder Truth, or even in the big things like seeing his help in financial matters.

I encourage anyone who is struggling in their ministry to do this a couple times a week. You will find it as refreshing as a cold drink of water.

  1. Mary says:

    mmm. I like cold water.

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