On The Fly

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Youth Ministry
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Well, this week has already been a week created on the fly.  I had our summer mission trip sign-ups due this past Sunday. In six years at this church, I have never had a summer trip this small in numbers…4 students. The smallest before that? 15.  I wonder what the difference is? Why the small numbers? Is it he economy? Is it because they don’t want to help the poor and needed of those effected by hurricanes?

With the small numbers, I had to work on the fly because I no longer qualify for group rates. I had to cancel all my reservations and remake them. Before remaking them, I considered canceling the trip all together. In thinking that, I started feeling bad for those 4 students who are excited about the trip. Then I began to feel excitement to really get to know those 4.  I am now excited about the relationships that will be built during that week.

Ministry is often times done on the fly because we never know what teenagers are going to do…or in this case NOT do. I know this for sure, God is faithful!


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