What it takes

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Devotional, Youth Ministry

This morning I was reading in 1 Corinthinians and thought I would share my thoughts.

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

With so many different gods to grab our worship today, this verse rang home a wake up call in my ministry. Yes, ministry is exhausting, time consuming, and difficult…never easy. Paul, being a great leader shares a final instruction fro believers, but very applicable to youth pastors and church leaders.

  • Be on guard – Satan wants us out of commission and will attack us. We need to have a sence of a good defence as well as offense.
  • Stand firm – People aren’t going to like what we teach, expect, and stand for. But, we represent the light in this dark world.
  • Be courageous – Try new things. Paul would use the culture he was in to get people to listen. That’s how he won people to Christ. We need to be courageous enough to try things in our culture to get students to see Christ in a relevant way.
  • Be strong – Know your stuff. That’s the only way to get through. Then repeat it. Just like anything else that need to get strong, repetition is the key.
  • Do it in love – On of Jesus’ central messages was love. Show this dark world what real love is.

Now, how can you apply these points to your ministry?


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