Using Technology

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Programming, Youth Ministry

Here’s some of the technology I’ve started using in my ministry and like…so far – If you have a smaller youth group this is a great free tool. It’s live text to screen. You post a question and students can text in their answers. It’s free for up to 30 responses with unlimited polls. If you want more responses then be ready to pay a cost. Students seem to love it. I’ve been using it at the beginning of my talks to get their attention and feedback to see where they are at on a particular subject. What’s great is that the it’s annonymous so students feel free to be honest. I also use it for students to text in questions, if they have any about my talks. I then answer them the next day on our NHSM blog. This is a fairly new tool for me, but have been enouraged by the students asking if there is another question. – This is a free group texting site. I just set this up not too long ago. I plan on using it to promote events and continue thoughts from lessons, encouraging notes, and reminders on the challenges from that weeks lesson. With this service you can upgrade with fees to recieve the ability to custumize certain things. You can text to your group from the website or from your cell. You can also have reply messages sent to your phone.  Within your group you can have subgroups.

Some things I’d like to use in the future:

podcasting – Something I’m considering in the near future is podcasting my lessons. I’m trying to figure out a way to record my talks on my computer and run Keynote at the same time. Another thought, I would also like to do a podcast of devotionals for teens. Whether or not that would be video or audio, not sure yet.

Thanks to Youth Specialties for introducing me to tatango.

Thanks to SYM’s Joshua Griffin for introducing me to polleverywhere.


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