Posted: April 16, 2009 in Youth Ministry
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I remember the first student I started mentoring. It started with him approaching me. He asked if we could meet every week to every other week to just sit down and talk. Mostly we just talked about guy stuff. He was graduating high school and wanted to get things straightened out before he left for college. When he approached me to do this, I was extremely excited and honored. I had never had a student ask this of me. This experience gave me the appetite to do this more. The privileged of pouring into one student is amazing. I think I learn just as much as the student I am mentoring.

So, when he graduated, I felt the hunger to keep pouring. So I spent some time in prayer asking God to lead me to the right student(s) to have that mentoring type of relationship. He led me to two students. One who has been going to our church for a long time and the other…well, he hasn’t quite made the commitment to give his life to Christ, yet.

This week I met with one of them and had a great discussion and was encouraged. Which is why I wanted to get this out. I’m wonder about other youth pastors…

Who are you mentoring?

How did  that relationship start?


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