Bringing Joy

Posted: April 18, 2009 in Youth Ministry
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This weekend was a fun weekend for doing youth ministry. In the past I struggled with students telling me what extra-curricular activities they did and when they took place. So, I created a “Come And See Me” card. I encourage students to fill them out if they would like to invite anyone in our ministry to attend thier events. This weekend I had several (although many for the same event…a school musical) and one for a softball game. At each event, I saw joy on each student’s face as I walked up to them to talk and encourage them.

Not only do the students enjoy it, but it’s bonus points with the parents!  Every youth worker knows the importance of getting in good with parents and I think this is one of the best…and easiest ways of doing it. Parents really know that you care when go to their events.  When they know you care, the parent/youth worker relationship is now changed…for the better. Parents will trust you, respect you, and help you.

Not only is it good for the student and parents, but also good for you.  We always plan events where students have to come to us. Well, can’t it work the other way around, too? We need to go to them sometimes. When we do, we step into thier world. It give us great insite into what they do and the youth culture. This better equips us to reach them and understand them.

So, get out there and be with students and parents. It’s the best way of doing ministry!


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