Posted: April 21, 2009 in Youth Ministry

My Sr. Pastor made an interesting comment from the pulpit one Sunday. He was talking about how we try to manipulate God in ‘act’ of worship. Basically, if I look the part than maybe God will love me more and answer more of my prayers the way I want them to be answered. This led me to a question about youth ministry…

Do we try and manipulate God in our youth ministries?

By that I mean, do we try to ask for and get all the ‘cool’ stuff that students ‘want’ saying that “it’s for the ministry of leading students to Jesus”? Only to try and make ourselves look cool to students because we have all the latest gadgets. Or do we pray for more students because we want that ego boost?

I find myself often in this situation. Almost trying to manipulate God into doing what I think should happen in my youth ministry. How should I do youth ministry? In faith knowing and trusting that God is in control. Everything is according to His plan. He doesn’t need me to do the job I’m doing. I get the privalege of helping Him. There is no manipulating Him. He’s God!


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