The Great Balance

Posted: April 23, 2009 in Balance, Youth Ministry
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In the life of a youth pastor, at least for me, the busiest time is usually before any trip or retreat. Currently, I’m getting ready for a Jr. High spring retreat. Trying to tighten up loose ends, getting all the necessary supplies, nailing down details, and getting kids to go! (Thank goodness for great leaders who make the effort to talk to the students AND the parents to get them to go!)

Being that just because there is a big retreat coming up doesn’t mean that everything else can fall by the wayside. There is still the mid-week program that needs to happen, one-on-ones still need to happen, office work still needs to happen. This makes the usual 40-45 hour work week add up to a 50-60 hour work week. In my situation, my wife can’t go on these retreats for a couple of reasons. One, work. Two, we have two small kids. (Hopefully soon they can all come!) So, I need to make the time for them. Thankfully, my wife understands these ‘seasons’ of youth ministry. This makes the balance a little easier. But it’s a struggle! In these times, it’s easy to get caught up in making everything perfect, but one can only do so much. I try to live by this priority system. #1-Relationship with God. #2-Family. #3-Work. Typically, when I’ve rearranged this order life gets crazy and I get stressed out. Take this week for example. The order got all messed up.

Praise Jesus for comp. time!

How do you balance your time? What do you do in these busy seasons of ministry?


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