YS One Day Review

Posted: May 2, 2009 in Development, Programming, Youth Ministry
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Today, May 2nd, I went to the YS One Day conference. I have always like this affordable conference. It’s something almost any youth pastor can pay for his volunteer team to go. It is full of great information, networking, and discounted resources. Here’s what I took away from today’s conference.

Storytelling the Bible – this will hopefully get students excited about reading God’s word

Getting kids to experience the bible – They will hopefully then students move from head knowledge to heart.

Allowing kids to be creative – through RE-writingscripture

Small group discussion after hearing the bible – share the Bible passage though the form of a story and have students discuss in a group. Allowing more people to share thoughts other than the ‘teacher’.

How might this effect my ministry? Next year I was looking at focusing our year on the biblical purpose of ‘discipleship’. This idea of getting students into God’s word plays right into this. I’m excited to see what will come to be in the next school year. My hope is that our students who come through the doors of our church will graduate with their faith and not leave it. The only way that will happen is if they are grounded in God’s Word.

What are you doing to get the Bible across to your students? I’d love some good ideas.


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