Re-Thinking things

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Programming, Youth Ministry
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In response to one of my past posts about retreats, I had some great conversations about some struggles I was having. I learned some new things from youth pastors (past & present), pastors, and friends.  Here’s what I learned in regards to retreats…

  • It has to be something more than just entertaining.
  • It has to have reason and a purpose.
  • It has to impact them.
  • It has to fit into a broader mission

Part of getting these messages across to the students (and parents) is through marketing. I am not good at this. I was not gifted in this area. What are the best ways to market these ideas when it comes to a retreat?

Already, as I look to planning the 2009-2010 school year, I am looking at retreats VERY differently. I hope to be more missional in all the events. I’d love to hear what some other youth pastors are doing.

  1. Pam Thompson says:

    Aaron had a great time on the jr high retreat. He came home and shared the information with me. So I think all that you shared with the group at least made him stop and think about the media choices he is making (or wants to make).

    For Aaron, and it may be true for others as well, everything he attends is dependent on who else is going. He regularly tells me that he is not attending an event and then he finds out who is going and all of a sudden he wants to go. This was true with the retreat as well. I wonder if a few key kids “marketed” the event for you by telling the others that they were planning to attend, if the kids would be likely to join them.

  2. Nicolle says:

    I completely agree with Pam. Joshua wouldn’t committ until he knew that one of his friends was going. I think going alone and hoping that you’re going to be included is too scary for most kids. Well, even I prefer to talk to people before an event and kinda “confirm” that we’ll sit together.


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