Where’s my wisdom?

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Devotional, Programming, Youth Ministry
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Earlier this week, I read a passage from 1 Kings. It reads this in the NLT,

“God gave Solomon great wisdom and understanding and knowledge too vast to be measured.” 1 Kings 4:29

With wisdom comes great power. It seemed that with this type of wisdom, Solomon could do no wrong. As this school year is coming to a close and I look to planning next year I need a fragment of that wisdom. I need to know the best way to reach our students and community. I truly think God has big plans for our youth ministry. I just need to tap into God’s wisdom so I can prepare myself, the parents, and the students.

I know when it comes to planning it’s easy to tap into our own ideas, well, what about God? Where does He come into the picture? Are we as youth pastors, shepherds, leaders should be on our knees before the throne tapping into God wisdom. My pray for all of us is that we lay everything in our ministry at God’s feet and ask Him to give us back what He wants us to do.


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