Book Club Experiment

Posted: May 28, 2009 in Programming, Youth Ministry
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I was sitting on my couch reading a variety of blogs I subscribe to. I came across a posting from Youth Specialties about doing a virtual book club. I thought this would be another great way to connect to more students. Students I normally don’t connect well with.  So, now I’m looking to do a virtual book club. I’ve taken a few polls to see if there is interest and lo and behold…there was more interest than I thought there would be. You can see my polls at our YM blog. Now, it’s just deciding on a book.

Here’s my plan with this new ministry. This summer it’s an experiment. If it goes well, and there are good results, we’ll continue with this. I’m looking at rotating between non-fiction and fiction books. Students will be responsible for purchasing their own book. Once they start reading it, they will subscribe to a website/forum page that I will set up. (Do you know of any good sites that can do this?) Right now I’m looking at google groups.

I’m really excited about this new adventure this summer. I really enjoy reading and never get a chance to. Plus, I’ll be challenging students to read and share…developing critical thinking skills…challenging them to think about what they believe in, to make it (faith) real to them. Once things get started I’ll share more on how it’s going.


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