Silence is Solitude

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Balance, Devotional, Youth Ministry
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I attempted what seemed the impossible, a silent retreat. It was to last 8 hours. 8 hours of silence, prayer, reading, and meditation. The was the first time I tried this. I approached it with enthusiasm and excitement. So, how did it all turn out?

I ended up sleeping during the first two-thirds of it. I will tell you this, it felt SO good to sleep. That was something I haven’t done in a long time. REST, that’s a spiritual need. Once I woke up, ate, and got ready for the rest of this retreat I headed over to my favorite coffee location, Caribou Coffee, for a ‘pick-me-up’. I then preceded to go to Stillwater, MN. I found a nice tree to sit under along the St. Croix River, opened my bible and my retreat guide. I read the chapter about a restful heart. I sat, prayed, meditated while I watched boats, cars, and people went by.

One thing God showed me was about my family. I don’t fish, but I would love to take my two boys fishing some day. So I am going to try and learn the sport of fishing. This would be a great way to spend quality time with my boys…guy time.

All in all…I really enjoyed this experience. I would like it to be longer, but I think in my current season of life it wouldn’t work. Ultimately, I would like to go over night or a weekend for this retreat. However, I have two little boys and I feel bad leaving my wife alone with them that long. I do it so much already as a part of my job.


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