Right in the Eye

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

So this weekend was our weekend to kick off the fall. Friday night was our Jr. High kick-off. We did your 2nd annual Slime Time. I found this great product called Yuck. I make an obstacle course for them to run through. The best time won one of our ministries t-shirts. But after we were done we opened the ‘Slime N Slide’ for just fun. Well, I decided to go for a slide and the kids thought it would be fun to add more slime to me while I slide down the slid. Here’s the picture.

Slime in the eyeMy eye was full of that slime! It made it’s way under my contact lens. I was seeing blurry the rest of the evening. In fact, when I went to take out my contacts later that day…slime oosed out of my contact. Even better, the next day, I was still getting that slime out of my eye.

Yes, ministry can be slime, dirty, painful and yucky…but when kids are having fun, building community and inviting their friends to church…it’s all worth it!


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