Posted: September 17, 2009 in Development, Devotional, Youth Ministry
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So I just bought my first Moleskine journal. I bought it to encourage myself to journal more about my bible reading and reflections. I’ve mentioned in the past about a ‘class’ I went through that our Sr. Pastor developed. It’s called ‘Intentional Living Cohort’. I never knew about the history of these journals. It’s pretty cool. But here’s to future journaling and drawing closer to my Saviour.

What do you do or use to draw closer to Jesus?

(From this I hope to develop a youth version of our adult ‘Intentional Living Cohort’)

  1. Joel says:

    Writing helps to clarify my thoughts, definitely; and to remember the day – to notice things that flew by. I also look up at the sky to remember my place (God is the creator) and to appreciate God’s art-work. I also take every thought captive (how do my thoughts stack up against the principles in the Bible). After learning, the hard part is putting it into practice.

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