Sharing Students

Posted: September 25, 2009 in Programming, Youth Ministry
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Here’s one thing I don’t hear a lot about…sharing students. I think most of us know that our students go to more than one youth group. They have a ‘home church’…one they go to for Sunday’s and even the regular youth group. But if there is a youth group that meets on a different night they go to that one as well. What are some thoughts of that? Should we as youth pastors get together and ‘fight’ over who is ours? Or should we get together and make sure that those students are getting the ‘food’ they need to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ? I’ve had people share with me that I should almost fight to bring them back to our youth group. But isn’t it more important that these teens are at a place they are getting closer to Jesus than that of being in my ministry? I think some people don’t understand that.

I admit, sometimes when I hear students sharing about how cool another youth group is I do get a little jealous. Don’t you? But then I think, at least they are somewhere they are getting something that I can’t offer them that they need. I can only do what God is telling me to do. And that…will not meet every teenagers need. God has certain kids that he want me to disciple and lead. Some will connect with my personality and some won’t. I have to be OK with that. I just keep doing what God is calling me to do and rest in his guidance and peace.

Here’s to teamwork!!!


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