Posted: October 8, 2009 in Youth Ministry

I don’t often have time to write my own curriculum. But last year I sat down to write a series about Christ. A series that goes through his life…a shortened version, if you will. We talked about many of the issues that Lee Strobel brings up in his book, “The Case For Christ”. One of my volunteer leaders travels and speaks to youth groups, christian school, and college chapels. Well, she asked if she could ‘steal’ one of these messages I gave. WOW! I’ve never had anyone ask to use my messages. She’s taken it to many different places and after each talk she gives she calls me to tell me how well it was received and that kids life’s are effected by it. This really makes my want to sit down and take time to write my own stuff….but where will the time come from?

Anyway, just wanted to share the encouragement I received today. I hope those of you in youth work receive the encouragement you need to keep going on the path God set you on!


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