Getting Students on Board

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Programming, Youth Ministry
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As we make our transition to a small group based youth ministry, I’m finding students either totally not interested or interested, yet skeptical. I had numerous conversations one night about getting students on board. One instance, some of our freshman girls come, but don’t participate in the discussions or just sit there looking apathetic. Myself and the other female leaders encouraged this small group leader to take the extra steps and really ‘invade’ their world. Call them, text them, take them out to Caribou. Basically, really show you care because right now they are testing her to see if she will last.

The other instance, I called a student who used to come regularly and isn’t coming now. He said that small groups was not his thing. He never even came to meet his small group leader or the members of his small group. So I challenged him to come for 2 weeks and give it a try. He agreed so we’ll see what happens.

I believe the key to making small groups to work is putting in the effort to get kids on board. Once a key group is on board word will get around and others will see the importance.

  1. Pam Thompson says:

    I am coming from a “mom” perspective and commenting on both this and the retreat blog. First of all, thanks to you and the youth volunteers for all you do! It is so important that our kids have other adults to look up to and to learn from.

    Second, there is a book that I heard about called “Why Men Hate Church”. I have not read it but thought it sounded interesting. I also talked to the wife of someone who is reading it. I think the premise is that most of the church activities are geared toward what women do best and not necessarily what men enjoy or feel comfortable doing. I think it also might have some ideas to engage men. But it also fits with my experiences with my son. If I try to sit down and talk with him, he basically tells me to leave him alone. But if we are doing something together or driving somewhere, I can sometimes have some good conversations. I don’t know how it would work with girls, but what if the guys did some active things while having their small group discussions? I don’t know what exactly but batting cage? working out? airsoft contests? round robin ping pong? video games? volleyball? I wonder if they would talk more while doing it or maybe during a “snack time” after doing it?

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