NYWC Excitement

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Development, Youth Ministry
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So this week I am preparing to head to Atlanta for the National Youth Workers Convention. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been at one. This year, I’m going solo! It may sound bad, but I’m doing it for a couple of reasons…one, none of my volunteer staff can afford to go. Two, I need a personal retreat. My plan is to be twittering throughout the convention and blogging. If you would like to get my take on thing keep coming back. The convention starts Friday morning.

If you’ve never been to NYWC, here’s why I love going. You get SWAG! Stuff We All Get! It’s free, too…I guess even though you pay to go. It’s a great opportunity for networking. Resources are on sale. You hear from great speakers, writers, and worship artist. It’s a time time of growing closer to Christ…to be able to refocus on what’s important and get away from the grind of programing. I can’t wait to come back with new ideas and see what can happen in my life and ministry!

Oh, by the way, I got a hold of some resources really cheap that I plan on giving away here on my blog. I’ll be posting something soon with instructions on how to win them!

  1. Paul G says:

    I’m going to the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta too. This will be my 3rd one. I went to Atlanta two years ago, and Pittsburgh (my home town) last year. I’m also going solo because none of my leaders could get off of work.

    I can’t wait to be refreshed and learn as much as I can. Thanks for this post…it helped me to get even more pumped up for the convention!

    – paulg

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