Day .5 NYWC

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Balance, Development, Youth Ministry

I just arrived at Atlanta for the National Youth Workers Convention. This is my 2nd time coming. This time, I’m going solo. Read my later post.

So, my adventure has already been interesting. It started out that my flight was delayed…not too bad though…because there was a computer glitch at the Atlanta airport. I ended up reading…a lot. I started “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. What a great book. When I landed in Atlanta, I saw pictures that Francis was actually talking about in Chapter 2…outer space. WOW! Cool! After that, I walked the length of the airport…good exercise. I boarded the Atlanta Link to my hotel with other youth workers (most of whom were from Texas). Which leads me here at 12:15am here in Atlanta. Here are the pictures from my hotel room. 46 floors up! What a view…and it’s night time. Can’t wait to see what Atlanta looks like in the day time.


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