NYWC – Day 1

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Balance, Development, Youth Ministry

What a day! So much information that I don’t know what to do with it all! I started out with a lab about volunteers. If you are one of my volunteers, I hope after today you will see a new thing from me…less encouragement…just kidding! Then it was off to the first Big Room session. TIME is the theme. Our MC for the weekend is amazing. He did a video explaining time…SUPER FUNNY! If I can get a hold of it I will. Our first main speaker was Andy Stanley. He hit on the concept and idea of leadership. Here’s my short list of what I took away.

  • Leaders don’t know what to do!
  • Leaders will always be uncertain
  • There is no need for leadership if things are predictable
  • True leadership rises in times of uncertainty
  • Leaders need clarity and flexibility!
  • Clarity trumps uncertainty = you need to be clear about your calling! It answers the questions, “What has God called you to do?”
  • For flexibility, he said, “plans change…vision remains the same.”

After that, I hit up another seminar on leadership by Chap Clark. I got way too much info and that info is too confusing to explain on the this blog. So…I will just continue on to the the evening Big Room.

Speaker was Francis Chan. WOW! Was he real and honest with us. It was a gut check. I felt like a loser that is messed up and unqualified for ministry. BUT, that’s what God needs and desires in me so that I will rely on Him for strength in the ministry. Here are some points that he made that I am taking away.

  • Abide in the vine
  • Reputation vs. the REAL you.
  • Pursue Godliness not success
  • Make effort toward your character.
  • Godliness = revering God; fearing God
  • We can’t start a movement, only the Holy Spirit can!
  • We need to get on our knees!

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