NYWC Day 3

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Development, Youth Ministry

A relatively interesting day. Although, I have to be honest…today was hard. I’m really missing my family. I thought it would be good to be away from them and be able to focus on me. It turns out that I can’t wait to hold my wife and two boys. I found myself actually tearing up while my older son (3 yrs old) was on the phone asking my if I was still in Atlanta. My wife suggested either next time her and I come by ourselves, our entire family, or I come with either one of the boys.

Here’s what today brought me. I went to Jonathan McKee’s Fish Bowl on how many students should be running your ministry. This was the one lab I couldn’t miss because I am trying to answer this question as I try to develop a student leadership program. The question was never really answered, but we had a good discussion about student leadership. Most of it I have processed as I develop our program, but we’ll see if anything else comes to the surface. After that, lunch break at the CNN building.

My afternoon lab was lead by Ian and Adam from YS. I learned some new things. I think it would be awesome to start a video ministry…but I don’t have enough time. Maybe it will come from our student ministry deal once that get up and running.

Tonight’s Big Room was pretty cool. Our speaker was Reggie Joiner. I was excited to hear him speak because our staff had been looking at his Think Orange concept. Here are some bullet points he brought up. His main idea was “What would you change?”

  • If you want to build something that will last, you will have to change what you build
  • The best way to keep a team moving toward your ministry is to frequently upgrade the system
  • Every change gives you an opportunity to distinguish what is core and what is cultural
  • When you don’t upgrade, you lose capacity to support a more relevant approach
  • An effective organization creates a culture that is intentional about critical changes/upgrades.

Well, as the convention comes to a close I have another issue to bring up. All this eating out is doing a number on my bowel system! YIKES!

Anyway, later!

Tomorrow I have a lot of time between hotel check out and flight so I think I will go to the “World of Coca Cola”.


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