Budget ‘Appreciation’

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Programming, Youth Ministry

For those of you who are on an annual budget that renews each calendar year, this was our business meeting…approving the budget. Our budget hasn’t been great because of the economy. I’m sure many of you can relate. Last year, us staff were asked to cut back on spending. I took that to heart and didn’t plan as extravagant events, subsidize many of our events, or replace broken and stolen items. Know the money crunch, I spend about $2500 less than what my budget was. I thought I was doing something good for our church. After all, we’ve had a hard time paying our mortgage. But last night at our business meeting I saw that I was really the only one on staff that really cut back on spending. Many went over budget. No problem, right? Well, they cut my budget for this upcoming year by about $2500. Still, that’s understandable, right? Well, the part that got me mad was 2 things. One, I wasn’t told about my budget cut. I found out as it was being shown to the congregation for approval. Two, no other ministry was really cut even though they over spent. So, to put it plainly, I am being ‘punished’ for doing what I was asked. I can’t help but think that if I over spent my budget, I would have received the budget I proposed to begin with.

I almost take this as challenge. Let’s see what can happen. Sure, I’m upset. But God can do great things. I can’t let my anger and confusion get in the way of what He is going to do through our ministry in 2010. I already have great things rolling that, hopefully and God willing, will produce a great harvest in the next year or two and following.


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