Vacation? What’s that?

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Balance, Youth Ministry

Being in the ministry, I’ve found it very difficult to take vacation. Why? Because there is always so much to be doing. When I have taken vacation, I come back to twice the load and never really catch up. So then I think, “Was that vacation even worth it?” I suppose vacation is always worth it.

See, I have 2 little boys, 3 and 1. Every time I get to stay home with them is a treat and a blast. My wife and I cherish our family time.

What ends up happening is that I have all my vacation saved up until the end of the year. Our families don’t live in the same state as us so we tend to travel to family over Christmas. This year, Christmas sort of snuck up on me leaving me with a lot of vacation time. I’m not sure I’ll be able to use it all. But, I do enjoy vacation when I can take it. Now, if only I will have the ability to not check e-mail while on vacation! Oops.

  1. Joel says:

    Nick- You are right on. By the time you prep for your absence and catch up when you return, you’ve worked all the hours anyway. We’re going to try and pull off a 4 day vacation to use some of my untouched hours…

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