Coming Back

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Balance, Youth Ministry

Ok, so I took some time off. I tried to have a ‘real’ vacation and not do any youth ministry work! As a result, sadly, I  hardly picked up my Bible to spend quality time with my Saviour. I feel horrible about that. I noticed a few changes because of that…one, my joy decreased. I just felt like life what just happening and I wasn’t doing anything with what was being handed to me. Two, my patience with people grew very short. I think my love decreased. Three, I found myself at a job, not a ministry, when I came back into the office. I lost a bit of passion. Four, I am STARVING for my God! I can hear the grumbling of my soul longing for that time with Him who completely fills and satisfies.

With that off my chest, I am back on this…my blog…my way of trying to make sense of ministry. I hope in this new year to get a little better at this. I’m looking for some striking topics to touch on, reflect on my ministry, and share in yours.


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