Wasn’t Sure

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Youth Ministry

Tonight was our outreach night for the youth ministry I run. The topic was about dealing with our hurt, pains, and addictions. Going into the talk, I was nervous and stressed. I usually don’t get that way about preaching. Anyway, the night got rolling. Numbers were down, worship was great, testimony was great, my message? Well, I didn’t feel like I was connecting well. People were goofing off during the message. Now, talking about addictions, hurts, and pains is a pretty serious matter. They were a little distracting, but what else do you expect from young teens? I felt like nothing beneficial was getting through to these students.

Until, someone came up to me afterwards in tears thanking me for the message. That it was just what they needed to hear to get through their struggles. Another came up and wanted to set up a time to talk more about help they can get.

What did I learn? Don’t trust your feelings of how you think your message went. Trust in God to use your message to reach the heart of the audience.


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