Going Off

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

On Thursday mornings I move my office to the local Caribou Coffee Shop. I usually read my bible, journal, read up on youth culture or some other aspect of youth ministry. This particular Thursday interested me because of someone that sat at the table next to me. 2 guys, I guess in their 30’s, sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee together. As I look back, I wonder if the friend knew what he was getting into when he met for coffee. Once he opened his mouth, my ears perked up and I pulled out a sheet of paper and started writing what I heard. Here’s my notes. In case you’re wondering, it has to do with youth ministry.

Here’s what he talked about in a bullet point format. I did clean it up after he dropped more F-bombs than Pearl Harbor had experienced.

  • Teenagers are stupid with no jobs and yet able to vote. That is why our country is bad shape. (Don’t blame the youth of our nation. They don’t make up the majority of voters! Come on! In fact, I bet most teenagers are smarter than this guy.)
  • I hate taxes! It’s those stupid rich people that screw it all up.
  • The poor and homeless choose to do nothing in life and take advantage of soup kitchens and food shelf’s. Last year I donated 9 deer to the local food shelf. (Whatever, dude! Why donate if it’s taken advantage of?Plus, isn’t that was a food shelf or soup kitchen is for? For people to use when they don’t have money!)
  • I work 80 hours a week and I’m not rich. (If he works 80 hours a week and is not rich, he must be stupid with money, have no friends or girlfriend, or makes pennies)

* itallics is my commentary

This rant went of for at least 30 minutes and his friend never said a word in that whole monologue. How does this relate to youth ministry? We need to pour love into our students so they don’t end up hating the world they live in.

It was hard to bite my tongue while listening, but I did. Would you have spoken up? What would you have said?


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