Lame Worship

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Programming, Youth Ministry

Are you content with you worship? Our church brought in Dan Adler for a “Worship Renewal Weekend” and to run our morning services. His topic was on worship. Our church is your typical Scandinavian church where worship is…you stand there or sit there and let someone else do all the work. As Dan put it, Dress Nice…Sit Still…Do Nothing. He challenged us to worship like Psalm 150. I was truly convicted in my…lack of worship. This morning, I learned TRUE worship and experienced Jesus in a way I haven’t experienced him in a long time. I found myself longing more for him. I almost didn’t want our church service to end. See, I grew up in the church and have never participated in worship on a regular basis. I would sing the songs, but only if I felt like it. Many time I would only sing if the band sounded good. Sure, that’s great, but there has to be more there. God is the audience…not me. He deserves the worship…my worship.

How many of our students treat worship like that? They come, sit still, and do nothing. What can we do to change that? I long to see students/teens truly and actively worshiping God. How cool it would be to see that. Love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

  1. Mary says:

    I feel inspired by how unconcerned our students are by the way they look when they worship and how they also enjoy it. When we get older we see what others around us are doing and if it’s standing still, doing nothing, we follow suit.

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