Smiling In My Sleep

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Youth Ministry
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Last night was a night to remember! At our Jr. High ministry night we have students who have been coming for a long time. By long time I mean not only for our Jr. High ministry but also grew up in our Children’s ministry. Many of these students have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior when they were 10 years old. Last night, I gave talk about how God wants us to stand out and not be ‘normal’. That by letting the Holy Spirit have full access to our life, we are made into a new creation and meant to do GREAT things. After the message, we broke out into small groups to let students wrestle with that a little more. In the midst of that time, we had a student accept Christ and became a new creation! She began to understand that God sees here as a beautiful creation that he has made. The coolest part…my wife is the one who has been her small group leader and help her understand what it means to give your life over to Him and prayed with her. My wife, Mary, and I spent quite a bit of time talking about that and rejoicing after youth group.

It was funny. I found myself not being able to sleep last night because I could wipe the smile off my face from that decision that was made. Praise the Lord! God is Awesome! Another name has been added to the Book of Life!

  1. Jeannine Larson says:

    Love this, Nick! “Your work in the Lord is NOT in vain in the Lord!!!!” I Cor. 15:58

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