‘In Jesus Name, Amen’

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Culture

As a Christian, this is a common statement. We end our prayers with that phrase. Why? Because we know that the only way we can access God, the Father, is through the name of Jesus and his death and resurrection.

The other day, I was watching MTV’s “Diary of Justin Bieber”. In case you don’t much about him, he’s a 15 year old music celebrity. Currently, he’s number 6 on iTunes top 10 downloads. Anyway, just google his name to learn more. He was about to go out on stage for a concert and the camera recorded him praying with his band and ended his prayer with “in Jesus name, amen”.

I wonder if his image and his message really portray that he truly believes in the name of Jesus? What is that telling the youth culture?

I don’t mean to pick on Justin Bieber, it’s just that he was the last ‘celebrity’ I heard say that. I know many artists thank Jesus at award ceremonies for songs that definitely don’t align with God’s Word. Maybe that’s the reason our society has a skewed view on religion.


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