More Than Dodgeball

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Culture, Programming, Soul Care, Youth Ministry
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Not to steal the title of Josh Giffin’s blog, but I found this name/title very fitting after an event I just did for our youth ministry. I’ve been at my church for about 7 years. Most, if not all our monthly events, have been fun and relationally built. We have never in my years of being here done an event where students can grow closer to their Saviour, Jesus Christ. That thought almost made me sick. Sure, we have worship at our mid-week services, church on Sunday mornings, and small groups. But what about intentional events that are designed to grow us spiritually and challenge us?

For the week of Easter, I set up a 12 station event called “Journey To The Cross” from the book, “Sacred Space” Let me give you an over-view of what it does. There are 12 stations that are designed to help students slow down, meditate and reflect on their life and the last week of Jesus’ life. It’s very interactive. I set this up to run for 3 days. I encouraged and advertised this as a family event as well as an individual event. Here’s how they went…

Day 1: No one showed up!

Day 2: Mostly adults I am friends with went through with a small handful of Jr. High students that came to youth group that night.

Day 3: about 20 students and adults came to go through.

Overall, here’s the type of feedback I received. From students: Me – “What did you think? How did it go?” Student – “Uh…good. It was alright.” From parents/adults: Me – “What did you think? How did it go?” Adult – “That was incredible. You need to put Kleenex in there. WOW! This needs to happen for the whole church.”

What a cool thing to hear from people. I found it interesting that more of the adults were willing to share their experience with me. That fact that it was designed to be for students and those that had the most impact were the adults. In fact, a leader in our church asked about doing this again next year and promoting it to the entire church. That we would put this on in a bigger room and make it a little bigger to accommodate bigger crowds.

Going into this I was expecting “Failure”. By that I mean I wasn’t expecting much out of this. I wasn’t expecting very many teens to go through this. And I definitely wasn’t expecting adults to go through it. Yes, I had low expectations, but God exceeded mine…as usual.

  1. Mary says:

    I saw an unlikely student come back from it and tell their friend that it was really good. I had not seen sincerity from this student before and was very encouraged!

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