Money In The Bank

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Development, Youth Ministry
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Ministering to the parents in your youth ministry is often neglected and ignored. WHY? I’ll tell you why. Most youth workers and youth pastors are afraid of parents. We’re afraid of their criticism, their questions, their complaints, and just there over all attitude toward the way they want “us” to do youth ministry.

I say that because I used to be like that. When I first started in full time youth ministry I thought I was boss and king; I had authority. I expected everyone to listen, obey, and follow. Boy was I wrong. I got into heated conversations about how I did ministry because I never went at it looking through the parent lens.

Since then, I think I have been better. I have been at my church long enough now (7 years) to have earned their trust and respect. I have learned to put “money in the bank”. A wise investment in parents. Recently, I put on a parenting seminar that helped them get ready for their role as a parent of a college student. Jeannie Burlowski came in and spoke giving them a crash coarse on what they can do to make the transition into college a little easier. We didn’t have a HUGE turn out…about 13 parents came out of a total of 100 families that are involved in our student ministry in some fashion. But after this 1 hour and 45 minute seminar, parents were invigorated, encouraged, and prepared.

I have to admit that this seminar was not entirely my idea. A parent came to me with this idea who partnered with her who is a certified, licensed LifeCoach in StrengthsFinder.

It pays to invest in parents as well as students when it comes to youth ministry.


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