Progressive Adventure

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Youth Ministry
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In Youth Ministry, there is always an adventure. We did our first ever progressive dinner. In planning this, I didn’t think about drive time. We had homes all over and in no order. We drove back and forth through 4 cities.

Next time…better planning will happen!

Also, one of the homes was right off of a busy street next to a local Christian college. I had never been to this house before and drove our bus right up the driveway…which was pretty steep! It wasn’t until after I pulled in when I thought that backing out will be a problem. AND IT WAS A HUGE PROBLEM. When backing out, I was blocking half the road and cars were still swerving around me! CRAZY! It took about 5 minutes just to back out…but I eventually did it. A victory in my mind because there were no accidents.

Next time…be more careful where I park the bus.

In spite of those things, this was a great event! Great opportunities to connect with kids, see where they live, and let parents be a part of our ministry! To see pictures of this event go our flickr account.


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