The Flashing Cherries

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Youth Ministry
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Nothing makes a weekend retreat with the youth ministry to get some memories. But here’s a memory most youth pastors DON’T want to have…getting stopped by the police. YUP, that happened to me this past weekend. Here’s what happened…

Our church owns an old bus. It’s doesn’t look good…rusty, broken windows, plexiglass windows, etc. Well, were going up north for a retreat about one and a half hours into it, I look in the review mirror to see the flashing red and blue lights. I yelled to all the students to sit down and BE QUIET! I’ve never heard my group so quiet in my 6+ years of being there. The officer brings me out of the bus to look underneath. The tail pipe was on the ground. Apparently, it had been dragging creating sparks. The officer told me they had received several calls about us. This made me think…”Why didn’t anyone try to flag me down?” Oh, well. We got it rigged to stay up with a dog leash, and had a blast all weekend.

The kids loved the fact that I got pulled over. It’s will be a memory they will have for a long time. Anyone else have a memory like that?


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