A New Endeavor

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Development
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I’ve been in my current church for 7 years! Wow! Has it been that long? Sweet! Anyway, many of my students are starting to get married. I had my first student that graduated from my youth ministry approach me to perform their wedding AND do their premarital counseling. Both of which I have never done before. So what did I do? I approached my Sr. Pastor to talk details. I am a licensed pastor so that was already good to go. The next part I wasn’t exactly prepared for.

Our church takes our couples through a program called Prepare/Enrich. It’s starts out by having the couple take a test that gets information about their personality, expectations, and those sorts of things. It compiles it, then spits out several graphs that tell the couple where things are good and where there may be potential snags. I am not a ‘qualified’ person to interpret the results. So, I had our Associate Pastor do that part. Now, what’s next? In the test results, it give the facilitator recommendations of what to do, but they are all part of this Prepare/Enrich curriculum. Again, I never went through this course so I was lost as to what to cover. I went online after our first meeting and registered to take the class to become a facilitator. That will be happening in about a week. That’s when the couple is available to start the ‘serious’ counseling. It’s not really serious counseling, but it’s when they are available to talk through some of the issues they want to work through.

I am SO pumped about learning all this new stuff. It lights a fire to do things that further my career as a youth pastor and as a leader in developing disciples. Here we go!


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