SMS Ministry

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Programming, Youth Ministry
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I seem to be on this technology kick in my ministry. I’m finding all these neat ways to do ministry via cell phone. No longer does email or even snail mail work anymore for advertising. Text messaging seems to be the way to go.

I know there are many different companies out there offering programs for text services. Simply Youth Ministry has there’s called SimplyTXT. I’ve used them before, but found Tatango to be more user friendly and more cost effective. Choose what works best for you. But students and parents get their news fast this way. I use SMS to remind due dates, topics for youth group, and to poll students.

Another way of doing SMS ministry is with Google Calendar. I just discovered this (I know, I’m probably late in the game for knowing this) but you can set up your google calendar to send you text reminders for events scheduled in your calendar. Just subscribe to your particular calendar you want and update the notification options for SMS. Pretty sweet!

I also use text messaging in my messages sometimes to poll students. I use The beginner option is free and works great. It’s super easy to use and set up. This makes the messages almost like a two way communication rather than just the speaker speaking. You can have it as a multiple choice poll, a free text poll, or even a fundraising graph. My students ask if we have one of these polls almost every week. They love the interaction. One thing to note, to see real time updates you need to have internet access where your powerpoint is being displayed.

These are just some other ways I use technology in my ministry. Curious…what are some ways you use SMS in your ministry?


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