Tracking the Herd

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Development, Programming, Youth Ministry
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In youth ministry, you need to track your flock. Why? For a few reasons.

  • One, because the “powers that be” require it. They like to have that little report at the end of the year about how many you’ve been averaging.
  • Two, to keep their contact information in case anything should happen. Say there is an accident…you need to contact their family to let them know. Maybe you actually want to call them up or visit their home.
  • Three, to keep a record of what they are a part of. Maybe your youth ministry has many sub-ministries (sound, band, lighting, video production, etc.).
  • Four, to notice if they haven’t been showing up. If that is the case, you can contact them and see what’s going on and try to encourage to come back. If it’s because of a sport or extra-curricular activity maybe you can find out when they are performing and go watch them.

So, what do you use? I’ve tried a couple of different things. When I first started, I used our church full program called ACS. I hated it. Not very user friendly and not easy to add, change, or delete records. Plus, it was hard to find anything in the program. Later, I switched to Youth Assistant. I like it…accept I have to be at my church desktop. I don’t like my desktop…I’m a mac guy using my laptop for everything. So, now I’m considering switching to another program. A web-based program. Today, I had the opportunity to watch a webinar giving a sneak peak to what Youth Assistant is coming up with. I really liked it being web based. I only wonder about cost. I’ve recently been looking at All web based, neat functions, easy to use…at least the demo is.


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