Summer Youth Ministry…is it? Part 2

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Programming, Youth Ministry
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Before you read, check out the first part of this post.

  1. Hang out with students! I love the summer because during the school year I don’t get to hang out with that many students. As the youth pastor, I have too much on my plate to that. I know, it’s sad and I’m sure many of you would be angry with me. But I have learned that going into full-time youth ministry doesn’t mean more time with students. Enough on that. Maybe another blog posting will come out of this.
  2. Professional Training. I like to take the summer to read books on youth ministry that will challenge me. I take those challenges and implement that into my planning for the next school year.
  3. Catch up time with Family. I love my family! During the school year, I run 3 areas in our youth ministry: Wednesday Night (Jr. High), Thursday Night (Sr. High), Sunday Morning (combined). Now, add into that special events, weekend retreats, leader training/meetings, church events/meetings, and the list can go on and on. I hope to catch up on some time with my family.

Is there anything you would add to the list? Love to hear what keeps other youth workers busy during the summer.


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