Local Missions Trip Recap

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Youth Ministry
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Last week I spent a week about 20 minutes from my house with a small group of Jr. High students…4 students, 2 adults. Here’s why I’m writing about this: This has been the smallest group I’ve ever taken on a missions trip. I still don’t know why it was small. I can assume the location…not being very far away…was a reason. But I will have to admit, with such a small group of students, I wasn’t sure how much I would like the trip. It turns out…it was probably one of my favorite trips.

With only 4 students, I got to know them pretty well. It was 3 girls and 1 guy. I was so excited about that one guy…I didn’t want to be the only guy going. We went 20 minutes away to downtown St. Paul, MN with Youthworks. (I love Youthworks because they set it up to where you spend time with the students not planning.) We partnered with local ministries that have forever changed our lives. My wife was the other leader with me (the first time in 5 years). The girls she was with already made appointments with the ministry they worked with to go back and visit in a couple of weeks.  We worked with the abandoned, the poor, the elderly, and the needy. The best part was that it was all with ministries and people right in our own backyard.


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