Posted: July 18, 2010 in Balance

I don’t know about most youth pastors, but I live pretty close to church. It’s all back roads and about a 5-8 min commute. For the longest time I’ve wanted a motorcycle, but my wife told me from the first day we dated that if we were to be together that I would never get one. Well, that changed…almost. I asked if a scooter would be ok. She lightened up a little and said, maybe. After many years and talks, I discovered it would have to be 50cc’s or less (because they don’t go fast and you don’t need the motorcycle endorsement on your license.

That day has come! I finally got my scooter. After digging around on craigslist and doing a lot of research online, I found this great website where you order it and they ship it right to your doorstep. It’s called So far it’s been a decent experience. I did have to put together the front wheel, handlebars, mirrors, and front body work, but the amount of money I saved was incredible. It’s a 2009 with 0 miles on it. Sweet!

Now, the students reaction in my ministry? Some are admittedly jealous while others laughed. (I think out of jealousy because I’m getting 70-100 miles a gallon!) Anyway, I thought it was a fun new toy where I save the environment and save a little money in gas and car repair.

Here’s to scooting throughout the summer!


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