Haiti Reflection from 8/8/10

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Culture, Events, Youth Ministry
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Our trip from the airport in Port-au-Prince was…interesting. Rubble, poverty, and stench. Road conditions were horrible and made a couple of the students sick in our 6 hour bus ride. Some how, grass was put in the gas tank which made for a rocky engine. Luckily, it lasted until we made it to our final destination when it wouldn’t start back up. We finally arrived to Mission-Haiti. What heat and humidity. We got a quick tour of the grounds. We got to our rooms which were very warm. No electricity or running water. Oh yea, bucket showers! Our toilets…cement blocks over holes. The smell…almost worth holding it until the trip home…but not quite.

Our first job, organize the shoes we will be giving away. We set up a tent to house our 15+ suitcases filled with kids shoes. That night we learned of a girl just over the mountain that was demon possessed. Pam, the one in charge and owner of Mission Haiti, was a friend of the family and invited any of us that wanted to go and pray for her later that week.

  1. Nancey says:

    What an awesome experience for you and your students, Nick!

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