Haiti Reflection from 8/9/10

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Culture, Events, Soul Care, Youth Ministry
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I know in the last post I quit kind of abruptly. That was to pull you into reading more. Did it work? I hope so.

Wow! What a first full day! We started out the day by giving away shoes, backpacks, hats, pencils, and soap. The student did this while I ran into the nearest town (with the help of a trusted guide) called Les Cayes. The purpose of the

trip was 2 fold: 1- exchange money and 2- buy lumber so we could build benches. This trip was interesting to say the least. There really are no banks to exchange money at we had to go to some trusted friends that owned businesses that made dealings in US dollars. The first person could only exchange half my money. Then we had to find another business, which required A LOT of driving around…no road names…of a cousin of our guide. After this we had to go to a cell phone company called Viola!. One of the workers at Mission Haiti needed to get her cell phone fixed. That building was the only building I say in the entire town that was air conditioned. In fact, there was a guard with a shot gun at the front door!Finally, it was time to find the lumber store. It’s not what you think it looks like. It’s no Home Depot or Menards. I bought $600 worth of lumber. The biggest question what getting it back because my guide and I were dropped off.

That’s when I was introduced to a “Tap Tap”. A taxi service if you will. It’s basically a bunch of pick-up trucks put together to make one truck. Riding in one does NOT feel safe at all. You feel the frame bending beneath your feet; the door barely stays shut, and the back rest of the seat doesn’t stay in place. So, you are stuck holding yourself up. The lumber was placed in the back end of the tap-tap and it was off.The ride back was about 45 min to an hour. When we pulled up to Mission Haiti…the tap tap got a flat tire. As if this wasn’t a long day already, it was time for youth group. We had about 20-30 Haitian teens and young adults come to worship and listen to God’s word. Worship was what I imagine Heaven being like…worshiping in different languages only being able to understand each other. We worshiped  both in english and creole.  It was amazing! Then I had the privilege of teaching a devotional. I taught from John 13:1-17. It sparked up a great discussion! I was told by our translator that it was message the haitians needed to hear. Praise God!

Back the demon possessed girl (Rosemond) I mentioned in the last post…I was afriad to go and pray with Pam and Yevto. Why? Because I have never experienced anything like that before. A lot of “What if’s?” were running through my head. I knew they would be going many time during our week there so I prayed each day for God to tell me if I should go and to give me the courage to go if it was His will.


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