Haiti Reflection from 8/10/10

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Culture, Events, Programming, Youth Ministry
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Today was a hard day…all though it didn’t start out that way. We ended up waiting around most of the morning for Pam to get back from praying with Rosemond and her family. I had the chance to go this morning, but fear overcame me. By the time she returned from praying the heat was on full blast, the peak of the temperature. I say this because the hike to our VBS locations was difficult to say the least. We hiked over 2 mountains. YES! TWO! It was hard, but the views were absolutely incredible. After hiking to our first location which took about 45 minutes, we arrived to a SWARM of Haitian kids waiting for us. You can tell these people don’t see white folks very often. They just stared at us. Then another handful of us went to our other VBS location which was another difficult hike up another mountain. This church was at the peak of this mountain and had a nice breeze from the ocean and million dollar view. The VBS didn’t actually take very long. The kids don’t have a very long attention span. The hike back was a little easier because we got a tap tap to take us back. We fit 25 of us on one! That was a trip.

We finally made it back to about 400 high school haitians waiting for their turn to get shoes. This was going to be very different than the little kids. These high schoolers created a mob. We had about 4 people barricading the entry so they didn’t all come in at once. Once inside to get there shoes…they became what we know of a ‘typical teenager’. If they didn’t like the shoes we had in their size, they would rather leave with no shoes at all. Kind of sad really. But it shows that all teenagers are basically the same across the globe. The mob got so bad that we actually had to shut down the shoe distribution.

We ended our day with youth group. Lucio, our YWAM staffer that went with led the devotional. Worship was great. God is working in my life. I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be. I also see Him working in the lives of my students.


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