Haiti Reflection from 8/11/10

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Development, Events, Youth Ministry
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Today started out with the shortest walk to or VBS location. It was just down the road. We did the usual VBS thing, but after…it was a little different. We did a shoe distribution to the kids that came. What they did was kick out every person over a certain age. Once they left they shut the doors of the church creating an oven. Yes, it was so hot in there. Even though we were hot, the students didn’t even sweat. When they got their shoes, they would get the biggest smile!

We finished up and went back to the orphanage where our students went to the ocean to swim and play basketball. For me, I went to go pray for Rosemond. It was myself, a student, Pam, and Yveto. The hike wasn’t too bad. I could tell when we arrived at the hut because you could feel the spiritual battle taking place. If you haven’t read about Rosemond, yet, she is the young girl about 12 years old who’s been possessed since age 5 (I think). We walked in and saw this…

Our mission was to go and break the contract the family had made with Satan. The contract was this, he would ‘own’ a member of the family for good crops. To make a long story short the only way to break the contract is to go to the location where the contract was signed with those that made the contract. The family members were too afraid to go and the only ones that knew where it happened were made blind by other demons. These demons would throw her, beat her, and starve her. Since we couldn’t attempt to break the contract we prayed. And we prayed with everything that was in us. I have never prayed so hard in my life. We laid hands on her  called on Jesus power. I could feel the battle taking place. Occasionally, she would turn with a smile on her face, but it we couldn’t cast out the multiple demons in this poor little girl. I hope and pray that this little girl sees and experiences freedom.

We arrived back at the orphanage after dinner. It was just about time for youth group to start and I taught a lesson on Luke 14:25-35. It’s about the cost of being a disciple.

I’m still trying to figure out what God is trying to teach me through all that I experienced today. This trip has been amazing.


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