Haiti Reflection from 8/12/10

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Culture, Events, Youth Ministry
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Today was another long, hard day. We hiked for over an hour to get to or VBS location. By hike, I mean and mountain climbing! On the way to this VBS location we passed Rosemond. If you missed my last post about Rosemond, you should go back and read it. We stopped by to pray. We let students go through 2-3 at a time to look and pray. Then, the entire group circled the house to pray. That was another cool experience. I think the students experience to spiritual warfare like that was eye-opening for many of them. After our time of prayer we finished our hike to run a VBS. While we were there, Pam sent me, Corey, and a guide to a house farther up the mountain to take pictures of the house. I think the purpose was to start a building fund/mission to help other Haitians build houses. Here are some of the pictures of the house I took.

The hike to that house was BRUTAL! The hardest hike I took all week, by far. We returned back to the church where VBS was just in time for them to finish. We hung out afterwards with the kids and they LOVED getting their picture taken. I don’t think many of them have ever seen a digital camera before. It was so funny! I also think many of them have ever seen what they look like. Here are some fun pictures I took of the people.

Finally, back home at the mission we relaxed and cleaned. It’s an early wake up call…1:30am for another 6 hour bus ride to Port-au-Prince for 3 flights! A long day of travel. After our relaxing and some cleaning, it was time for youth group. It was a tough night because we knew were leaving after we had just built these relationships.

Right now, I’m debating about sleeping or staying up. I think I’ll sleep a little. It has been an AMAZING week. God, thank you for showing up and making yourself so real to me and many of my students. Your work is mighty and incredible. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


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