What to do with some parents

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Balance, Leadership, Youth Ministry
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I don’t know about some of you, but I subscribe to quite a few blogs. I don’t read all of them, only posts that have a title that catches my eye. Well, I came across one that definitely caught my eye that I wanted to share. It’s an interesting article about parents who do everything they can to make it in sports and yet sacrifice the most important, lasting thing…a relationship with our Creator.  Here’s an excerpt:

American parents are spending $4.5 billion a year training their kids to excel in sports, including personal sports trainers, health club memberships and competitive sports fees.  “If they want to be competitive, they don’t have a choice,” says Michele Stephenson, a Brooklyn, N.Y. mom whose sons, ages 9 and 16, attend BlueStreak, a specialized sports training program at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.

You can get the whole article here. What do you think? As youth workers, is there a solution?


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