A Different Worship

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Culture, Leadership, Programming
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In church, and for that matter…youth ministry, we feel worship is always about the music, the band, and the atmosphere. That stuff is good, but why not switch it up a bit. After all, isn’t worship more than just singing? My take on worship is that it’s all about giving God the praise he deserves. That can look like just about anything.

In my youth ministry I like to have my students experience worship in a variety of ways other than just singing. The other night we tried something new for many students because I don’t do this particular style of worship very often. I don’t really have a name for this, but I have all the students and leaders get in a big circle. This is so that there is less goofing around because you can’t hide. Everyone is looking around. In this circle I pose 1 question for anyone to answer. The questions is this, “What is God doing in your life?” Or, I’ll ask it this way, “Where do you see God working?” The responses can be very exciting, but also discouraging. Exciting because it is good for me to hear that these students are noticing God at work. That excites me greatly. It can be discouraging because many times the room is silent (or a lot of giggling) for the entire 15 minutes. I struggle to know if it’s because the kids are afraid to talk and share or if it’s because the don’t see God at work. That they are blind to seeing God.

So, how does one fix that? (The being blinded part). How do we teach our students to have eyes to see God at work?


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