Offensive Speaking

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Culture, Leadership
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Jesus spoke to the point of offensive…should we?

The other day I was reading in my Bible Luke 11. Starting in verse 37, Jesus starts going off on the Pharisees and experts of religious law. He’s just laying into them about how bad they are and that they have it all wrong. I’ve noticed many time throughout Scripture that Jesus is rather offensive to people that have it wrong…the hypocrites. The cool thing about it all is that Jesus still had thousands of followers.

What would happen if pastors started preaching like this? I can imagine that many of them would come back in the office Monday or Tuesday with a ton of emails telling the pastor how rude and offensive they were. I think that’s why many Christians in general don’t speak the Truth many times. Because there is is fear on being offensive. We like the sugar coat the Truth.

If we (Christians, pastors, youth workers) started speaking out, speaking the Truth like Jesus did, I wonder how many would start going to church? How many more Christ-followers would there be?

Speak the Truth with all you got…Jesus did!


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