A thought from “The Social Network”

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Leadership, Youth Ministry
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Recently I saw “The Social Network”. If you don’t know what this movie is about, I think you’ve been in a cave. Facebook has overtaken students, young adults, and even ‘older’ adults. It’s now become a way of life, almost. After watching this movie (which I know a lot of it was fiction) I came away with a few thoughts / questions.

In our youth ministry, we could have the next inventor/creator of the next big thing.

What are we doing about that? What can we do to help them? How are we encouraging our students to be the best and yet be humble about their gifts and talents? How are we helping our students find their gifts and talents God has blessed them with? – Just a few questions to wrestle with. If anyone has a good answer to any of these, please leave you comments.

On a personal note… what would I do with billions of dollars?

  1. Matt Bond says:

    great thoughts on nurturing students and their gifts! great movie too – i posted thoughts related to the movie and youth ministry, thought you might like at http://bit.ly/aWsnWS -Three Lessons Youth Workers Can Learn from The Social Network

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